Training and development

To evaluate individual strenths and weaknesses, each camper will be tested in 12 separate areas.

These evaluations will also help determine campers current skill level. Our testing program will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • upper and lower body strength
  • endurance
  • quickness
  • skating speed
  • shooting speed

Individual data will be recorded for analyzing performance and development. We will utilize our radar speed guns to evaluate individual skating speed both forward and backwards, and we will also record shooting speed, testing each player's forehand, backhand and slapshot. Our staff will also assess individual skating skills and techniques, utilizing our video cameras and our new high-tech skating acceleration laser timing device. We can give you immediate on-ice correction, applying bio-mechanical analysis of skating techniques along with proper shooting and body-checking mechanics. An additional feature of our evaluation program will consist of daily video review classes, analyzing campers


strengths and weaknesses on the ice as well as daily lectures concerning effective hockey tactics. Upon completion of the camp, each camper will receive an evaluation and a training program planned to develop players weaknesses in order to achieve the highest level of skill development.

Emphasis will be placed on the role of defenseman, forward, and goaltender in Team Play Development. Students will learn the importance of team skills such as desire, pride, trust, motivation and working hard to achieve a common goal—skills that will benefit players throughout their adulthood.

The Skills Development Program features power skating, power shooting, creative stickhandling and innovative passing drills. At the Pee-Wee, Bantam and High School levels, we will also place a very high priority on body-checking instruction. We will demonstrate the dangers of checking along the boards and help players better understand preventative methods to avoid serious injury as a result.


On Ice Training

Students will receive up to six hours of on-ice training each day. Our morning session is dedicated to individual skill development and it is two hours in duration. In the afternoon session, we focus on team play and group tactics which also last two hours. In the evening, all campers are eligible to participate in our open hockey session which lasts two hours. All sessions are coordinated and directed by our highly qualified staff and will include a student to instructor ratio of five to one.


Off Ice Training

Our daily off-ice training programs consist of three mandatory workouts designed to improve each players strength, power, agility, quickness and endurance. Our staff will conduct a vigorous daily dryland training session that will include sprint intervals, plyometrics, quick foot movement, agility courses and drills designed to improve explosiveness. Each camper will also participate in an intense circuit weight-training sessions as well as daily dryland power shooting sessions.


We also stress the importance of psychological discipline. Research has shown that reaching your training goal depends more on the function of the psychological mind, than that of the physical body. All campers will be introduced to the importance of positive attitude reinforcement, relaxation methods and the application of sports visualization to achieve training performance. Finally, we will focus on the values of proper nutrition and diet, daily exercise and prevention of drug abuse.