The Goalie Camp will be directed by Matt Leon, Joe Herda, Jon Hendrickson, Dylan Hvambsal, Nate Crawford & Brendan Price. Below are the main focuses for on-ice, classroom, and off ice training.


· Each day will include 4 hours of on ice training focusing on all the necessary skills and drills to maximize each goalie's time on the ice. Ice sessions will be broken into stations that implement fundamental techniques such as goalie stance, movement, shot preparation, save selection, post play, on-ice mobility, puck handling, and more advanced game situations as the week moves forward. There will be a major emphasis on edge work and recovery, helping goaltenders get to the correct position EARLY.


· Technique: Coaches will be covering proper puck handling techniques, save selections, and crease movements.
· Game Situation:In addition coaches will be going over WHY and WHEN we use these techniques, teaching them how to read plays and react accordingly.
· Goal Setting/ Sports Psychology: Coaches will inform goaltenders on some of the obstacles they will face throughout their season and career in hopes of helping goaltenders face these struggles face on with the right attitude.

Off Ice Training:

· Functional strength: Not just lifting weights to lift weights. Every lift we will do will have the purpose helping goaltenders stop more pucks and get from point A to point B faster, and more controlled.
· Goalie specific mobility: We avoid just stretching the same muscles repeatedly. Every movement/stretch we will teach and practice will aid goaltenders in injury prevention and keeping them feeling flexible off AND on the ice.
· Stamina: Cardio that won't involve just "going for a long run", but constant stops, starts, and changes of direction.
· Speed and agility: Goaltenders will work all week on trying to get from post to post faster.
· Hand-Eye: Innovative hand-eye training drills for goaltenders to take home with them and refine their skills throughout their season.

To learn more about 2020 payment plans, please email Steve Jensen.

2020 Camp Schedule

Camp Date Price Enrollment
Goalie Training Camp July 5-11, 2020 $1,600 32