Before Camp

We are looking forward to having you at Heartland Hockey! Before you arrive, there are a few housekeeping items we will need from you. Please click the link below to start the registration process:

What To Pack

Clothing / Optional Items
Insect Repellent (no spray cans)
Long Pants
Roller Blades
Rain Jacket
Tennis Racquet
Running Shoes
Toiletry Articles
Soap Case
Bath Towels
Beach Towels
Sleeping Bag (or sheets and blanket)
Hockey Equipment
Hockey Gloves
Hockey Tape
Hockey Socks and Garter
Supporter and Cup
Shin, Elbow and Shoulder Pads
Hockey Sticks
Helmet and Mask
Hockey Pants

PLEASE Remember:

  • Please do not bring any expensive clothing, video games / game consoles, computers, or cell phones

  • Campers should try on their equipment (especially skates) before camp to allow time for repair or replacement

Upgraded lodging

  • If you are staying in upgraded lodging, we provide bed sheets, blankets, and pillows

When You Arrive

Where To Go

  • Check in is Sunday's from 1-3pm. Upon arrival to our main parking lot, you will be greeted by one of our helpful staff members

  • Our staff will guide you to your locker room with your gear

  • Next step is to check in upstairs at the rink

Checking in (upstairs inside the rink)

  • Get room assignment and key ($5 deposit)

  • Meet with our medical staff, fill out medical forms and turn in camper's medication

  • Purchase a skate sharpening card ($5 each)

  • Sign up for private lessons ($100 for one on one lessons with a coach)

  • Get fitted for your personalized jersey

  • After going through our check in process, please gather your luggage from your vehicle and take it to your assigned dorm room. We will provide you with a rooming chart at check in

All done?

  • Once you have finalized the check in process and found your dorm room, please enjoy our wonderful wide variety of recreational activities that include mini golf, power shooting, tennis, swimming, boating, fishing, and open hockey

  • Orientation starts at 3:30pm in the weight room. Attendance is mandatory