Camper Security, Safety & Supervision

Camper security is our number one priority at Heartland Hockey Camp. We attentively care for the health, safety & well being of each & every camper. We are very proud that we have instilled a culture of responsibility & care in our staff. Staff members are acutely aware that ample supervision is of paramount importance and campers are supervised during all hours of the day & night. Our experienced staff of over 30 coaches, counselors, EMTs, nurses & doctors reside in our complex with the campers. Our supervision staff features 4 dormitory supervisors that are importantly located throughout the entire dormitory, assuring that all camper dorm rooms are no further than 40 feet from a dorm supervisor's apartment. To further ensure the safety, security & well being of our campers, we have also installed a new state-of-the-art video surveillance system. Our 32 cameras are strategically located throughout our entire 45 acre campus. This security feature allows our staff members the capability of monitoring all camp activities 24 hours a day. Finally, our camp will be staffed with a full time nurse and EMT each week of the summer. We will also have a camp doctor & athletic trainer on-site periodically throughout the summer. Our medical staff lives at the camp providing medical assistance that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All administering of medications, injuries & illnesses will be attended to by our medical staff. In those situations that require additional medical assistance, campers will be taken to the Cuyuna Range Medical Center, conveniently located just 6 miles north of our campus.

Medical Staff

Camp Nurses

Susie Hallmark
Bakersfield, CA
10 years experience at HHC

Anne Egan
Lake City, MN
8 years experience at HHC

Lisa Slepica
Crosby, MN
4 years experience at HHC

Camp EMTs

Matt Zubiel
Colorado Springs, CO
8 years experience at HHC

Nikita Finnerty
Deerwood, MN
6 years experience at HHC

Camp Doctors

Dr. Todd Paricio
Austin, TX
12 years experience at HHC

Tim McDonald, Camp Physician's Assistant
St. Cloud, MN
2 years experience at HHC

Dr. Tim Bain
Tampa, FL
5 years experience at HHC

Dr. Dan Gozansky Austin, TX 4 years experience at HHC

Dr. Dan Gozansky
Austin, TX
4 years experience at HHC