What's New at Heartland Hockey Camp?

Every year, Heartland Hockey Camp is dedicated to improving our camp. In just the last few years, we've made some major improvements including, a new paved main entrance driveway, multiple new upgraded lodging units, improved lighting in our arena, new dorm roof, new weight room, new beach toys, and much more! 2019 is a big year for us as we're in the process of adding even more upgrades! Check out our new additions below:  

Private Lesson Rink

We are very proud & pleased to announce that our Private Lesson Rink will be made available to all of our 2019 campers. This new enclosed facility, which is 120 feet long and 72 feet wide, will initially be utilized for dryland training purposes, including power shooting, stick-handling and passing sessions. In 2020, we will be adding hockey boards and glass to the enclosure. Our Private Lessons Rink will become fully functional in 2021 and this will allow us to offer private hockey lessons 18 hours a day, throughout the entire summer months. The rink will be 110 feet by 60feet and will feature artificially refrigerated ice.

Lacrosse Field

During the summer of 2019, we will also introduce our regulation size lacrosse field. The lacrosse field will be 110 yards long & 60 yards wide and it will be used for daily dryland training sessions which will include sprint intervals, plyometrics, parachute resistance training & bungie cord training. During the summer of 2020 we will be introducing Lacrosse Camps & Lacrosse/Hockey Combo Camps.

Power Tower

Spend the afternoon at our waterfront, enjoying our new Power Tower, climbing, sliding, and jumping will grow confidence and independence, solidly friendships, build character & reward achievement.

Studio Apartments

This upcoming summer, our upgraded lodging options will include two newly constructed studio apartments. These units are 20 feet x 25 feet in dimension and will feature a sleeping area, living room area, private bathroom, kitchen counter/sink, refrigerator, microwave, cable tv, air conditioning & wifi.

Laundry Room

Currently under construction is our new laundry room that is 30 feet by 20 feet in dimension.

2019 Registration Now Open!

We drop the puck on our 2019 Summer Hockey Camps on June 16 and have great options for Mites through Adults until the end of August! Click below to schedule your week of hockey at one of the most unique training facilities in the world. Our 164-acre camp features a state-of-the-art ice arena, full-sized roller rink, tennis courts, mini-golf, 52 dormitory lodging units, spacious weight-room, hockey pro shop, restaurant and 7,600 feet of private lakeshore property — among other amenities!

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