Fun Family Vacations in Minnesota

Heartland Hockey Camp offers "Family Vacation Packages". These packages are available for as low as $1,850.00 for a family of four. For families or groups larger than four, please add $150.00 per person, per week, for lodging & meal expense.

The packages include on-site, condo lodging, three meals (every day) and a wide variety of recreational opportunities at no extra charge, including:

  • swimming
  • boating
  • fishing
  • waterskiing
  • knee-boarding
  • boogie boarding
  • paddle boats
  • kayaking
  • canoeing
  • guided fishing excursions
  • giant water slide
  • water trampoline
  • water iceberg
  • mini golf
  • tennis
  • weight training
  • roller skating
  • power shooting
  • stretching classes
  • plyometrics
  • isometrics
  • walking & biking trails

We also offer (2) 18 hole golf courses within two miles of our facility: Ruttgers Bay Lake Lodge and Cuyuna Country Club.

For information on availability and booking, please email Steve Jensen.

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