Moms and dads are invited to bring their skates, as we invite you to join our staff and your son/daughter in all of the camp activities. It is a great way to enjoy a father/son or mother/daughter get away. We pioneered this program at the Mite level 25 years ago. Due to the over-whelming response we are now offering the same option to parents of players of all ages. Please understand that this is an optional program. It is not a requirement that moms and dads attend our camp with Mites, Squirts, or Pee-Wees. Mites, Squirts and Pee-Wees that have a desire to attend camp with- out a mom/dad are encouraged to do so.

Parent Camp Options

Option Price
Mom or Dad (optional) Full Service Fee $1,150
Mom or Dad (optional) Lodging, Meals & No Ice Fee $1,050
Mom or Dad (optional) No Boarding, Ice & Meals Only Fee $950

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