Heartland Hockey Scholarship Program

Hello and Welcome to the Heartland Hockey Scholarship Program!

My Name is Nick Krygowski and I am a 10‐year veteran coach at Heartland Hockey Camps in Deerwood, MN. This summer 2017 I will be sponsoring a young boy or girl to attend Heartland Hockey Camps tuition Free!

As someone who has played hockey for more than 25 years, I know first hand how hockey can help build work ethic, teamwork, confidence, and a strong character. These are all qualities that helped me achieve my place as an active duty Air Force Officer and Pilot. As such, I am now in a position to help someone else gain these qualities through the Heartland Hockey Camp.

Being that this is the first year of the Heartland Scholarship Program, I am opening this opportunity only to military families and their sons or daughters. If you are in a military family with someone currently serving in the USAF, USMC, USN, USCG, or ARMY

(Active, Reserve, or Guard), you qualify for one free week of Heartland Hockey Camp!

As a military member, I fully appreciate the sacrifice that is made by families and how difficult it can be to find time or places for these families to participate in the game they love. This is why every year I try to spend at least one week coaching at Heartland. If you are a Heartland veteran like me, or someone who has never been, I am confident you will feel the magic of Heartland Hockey Camps the moment you step out on that Minnesota ice!

Please review the rules for entry and applicable restrictions below. If you are not eligible for entry this year, no need to be concerned, every year a new demographic will be chosen in order to give opportunities to all different families and not just military! So please check in every spring and this year let’s focus on welcoming military families into the Hockey Community!



Rules For Entery

  1. For entry, please have the applicant create something to demonstrate their love for the game of hockey, how the military has affected their opportunity to play the game, and lastly, why they should they should be chosen to attend Heartland Hockey Camp tuition free!
  2. This “creation” can be absolutely anything! Letters, Essays, YouTube videos, PowerPoints, Scrapbooks, Video‐books. The more creative, the better!
  3. Once you have created your entry. Please attach it and email it to Heartland Hockey Scholarship Program
  4. In the base of your email include as a minimum the following:
    • Parent/Guardian Name, Current Address, Telephone Number(s), Email Address, and Name, gender, and age (group) of potential applicant
    • List the number of attachments included in your email (So I know how many attachments I should have received)
    • If the files are too big to attach, please include a link to your attachment in the base of your email. IE: Link to Youtube
    • Please also, have a parent or guardian fill out the following statement:
    • “I (Name), as the legal parent or guardian of (Name), Consent/Do Not Consent to have Heartland Hockey Camps utilize my son or daughters entry, as continued promotion for the Heartland Hockey Camp Scholarship Program, by reposting said entry on social media or The Heartland Hockey Website.”
  5. All entries must be received by April 1st, 2017


  1. Families/participants must derive from an active duty, reserve, or guard military family from one of the 5 major branches of military. USAF, USMC, USN, USCG or ARMY.
  2. Winners will receive one (1) tuition free camp not including additional travel or lodging costs to Heartland Hockey Camps Deerwood, MN
  3. Eligibility for free week of camp will be determined by availability of participant’s age/gender group for the 2017/2018 summer camp season.
  4. Offer expires Jan 1st, 2019